“Old Farm Welcomes New Families” by Nancy E. Oates, correspondent, The News & Observer, Raleigh

North Carolina writer Thomas Wolfe claims you can’t go home again. Orange County Realtor Laura Virkler begs to differ.

Not only did Virkler return to the homestead where she grew up, but she made it better, then opened it up to share with others. She and her father, George Horton (who developed Gateway Center in Hillsborough), transformed the nearly 500 acres of gently rolling meadows and copses into Pleasant Green Farms, a gated community of 10-acre lots where families can live the idyllic lifestyle of a bygone era. “Pleasant Green Farms allows families to get back to nature and live in a pristine environment,” Virkler said. “You can sit on your porch and listen to the crickets and frogs and watch the sunset. You can enjoy farm life without having to drive a tractor.” READ MORE