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George Horton, Developer, Pleasant Green Farms
George Horton, Developer, Pleasant Green Farms

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Nestled not far from historic Hillsborough, North Carolina, Pleasant Green Farms embraces 400 acres of hardwood forests, over five miles of riding trails, a lake, and fields of grass that spread out in every direction. However, Pleasant Green Farms is not just a beautiful place; it’s a beautiful place with a vision, a vision that began with George Horton, its original owner and developer.

In addition to pastures to ride in, there were also woods to wander in and a lake to swim and fish and canoe in—everything the Hortons were looking for, including real work their children could do. This is how the Horton’s obtained a profound appreciation of Pleasant Green Farm as they lived and worked and played on the land.

As developer, George went to work, spending months coming up with a plan, drawing up lots, putting into place covenants and restrictions, and talking to experts on land perseveration, including the Triangle Land Conservancy and Orange County’s Land Legacy Program—all in order to develop Pleasant Green Farms and do so in such a way as to retain its natural beauty and unique qualities.

Protections – George’s Safeguards

Preserve. This is George’s ultimate aim, not to interfere with personal taste or to restrict personal creativity. He just wants to preserve the beauty and quality of the community at large.