About our Community

For years, the rolling terrain near scenic Hillsborough, North Carolina has attracted Triangle residents who enjoy fine country living. At Pleasant Green Farms, we offer Houses For Sale for those who crave space to ride a horse or grow a garden. For folks who long to walk along the edge of a winding river. For families who enjoy casting a line into a lake teeming with bass and brim. And as evening falls, we offer the chance to return to the privacy and comfort of a luxury country home. We give families the space to create special and lasting memories.

Twenty-five years ago George and Alice Horton found their version of the perfect Southern country life when they purchased 500 acres in northern Orange County near the historic town of Hillsborough. Over the years, the Hortons transformed their property into a combination beef cattle farm, working horse facility and home-grown nature preserve where their three young children could experience, first-hand, the land and the critters on it and the joys of unfettered outdoor play. The children learned to ride horses and care for them, grow a garden and weed it, bait hooks and catch fish in the lake, play hide-and-seek in the woods, climb trees and wander along the endlessly intriguing banks of the South Fork of the Little River, which runs for two miles through the farm.

After the children left home to pursue their own lives and careers, George and Alice wanted to reduce the time they spent operating and maintaining Pleasant Green Farm, while still preserving its pristine natural environment and meticulously maintained amenities. The family’s years of stewardship of the land had resulted in acres of fences and lush horse and cattle fields, a nine-stall horse barn with fenced riding and jumping ring, productive hayfields, a stocked five-acre lake and miles of trails for horseback riding and nature hikes. “We thought about ways to preserve what was so special about the farm and our time here while still sharing it with other families who might want to have a similar experience to ours,” says Alice.

The logical choice was to design a conservation community of carefully planned Beautiful Houses For Sale that would entitle owners to share 61 acres of open ranch land, including the farm’s lake and the well-maintained riding and walking trails that meander through the woods and meadows and along the river.

Creating Pleasant Green Farms

George, an established Orange County developer, took on the task of creating Pleasant Green Farms, a 373-acre gated community comprising 27 large lots of 10 acres or more, each with a specified footprint for a custom-built home and ancillary buildings. Architectural and Site Guidelines ensure each home is blended into the natural environment. These lots are now some of the choicest new Houses For Sale as well new properties in Hillsborough and near Chapel Hill and Research Triangle Park (RTP).

“We placed private deed restrictions on the property, similar to those we learned about through discussions with the Triangle Land Conservancy and Orange County’s Land Legacy Program,” says George. “We have permanent easements across many properties to give a sense of continuity and shared community to Pleasant Green Farms.” George also notes that two-thirds of the lots can accommodate horses. Easements allow riders to cross the property at designated access points.

Indeed, Pleasant Green Farms is truly an equestrian-friendly community that has grown naturally out of the family’s long involvement in breeding and showing both horses and ponies for junior riders.

Home owners’ privacy in this Orange County community is guaranteed by picturesque stone walls and a security gate at the entrance, where mail is delivered to a central kiosk. Pleasant Green Farms’ paved roads nestle comfortably within the rolling terrain and mainly follow some of the old farm paths, including the one leading to a restored cattle barn and farm utility building, once essential accessories for farm living.

As the sun sets over Pleasant Green Farms’ well-groomed meadows, framed with stands of hardwoods, and the quiet of evening is broken only by a fish jumping in the lake, Pleasant Green Farms has again captured the moment…the new life the Horton family has envisioned for their beloved farm. “The experiences you have as a family at Pleasant Green Farms are ones you and your children and your grandchildren will remember forever. Creating those memories is an important piece of life!”

Pleasant Green Farms offers the best of country living – ample privacy, but never lacking for good neighbors and good times.